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Nafl. 2.900.000,= b.c.

Located in the hart of Willemstad, on the edge of the Pietermaai district, this multifunctional building oceanfront, which can be used as bed & breakfast, boutique hotel, office or apartmentcomplex.
Al united are provided with internetconnections and furniture.

At this moment used as an apartmentcomplex longterm rentals and office.

1/  On the base floor is a newly renovated office. This office is widely seen from outside with a very good adress and reputation. This office unit consists of 5 different office rooms, a kitchen, a bathroom with shower, and a unique entree with a long hallway

  •  1A location for business
  •  5 office spaces
  •  charming entrance
  •  good infrastructure
  •  downtown
  •  140m2
2/ The apartment „Ocean Front“ is located directly in front of the sea, on the base floor, facing the Caribbean Sea. The terrace give an amazing view over the ocean, and is good in the wind. Therefore the ocean breeze will always welcome you to relax on this unique location. The terrace has a size of 25 m2 and the apartment inside about 120 m2, so together 135 m2.
  •  direct waterfront
  • 2 bedroom
  • 1 huge privat terasse
  •  good in the wind
  •  modern kitchen
  • charming interior
  • bathtube & shower
  • 135m2 
3/ The apartment 2A  is located directly on the sea, on the south coast of the island. This wonderful location gives a special atmosphere.This apartment got a living room, a bedroom with king size double bed, a kitchen, a passage to bath room, the bath room and the toilet. Bathroom and toilet are separated. Three rooms offer seaview from the side. The apartment is good in the wind, well ventilated with fresh ocean air. The sleeping room is additionally equipped with an aircondition, and the living room with a ceiling fan.
The kitchen is small but functional, with an electric stove and fridge (witha freezer section), and usual cooking stuff. The bathroom consits of a shower and a sink. The passage area is spacious to store personal belonging. 

  •  side- oceanview
  • good in the wind
  • cool place
  •  1 bedroom
  • 1 living room
  • 1 kitchen
  •  1 bathroom
  •  1 toilet
4/ Entering the respresentative street side of the building, you reach the 1.floor main apartment. Windows on three sides of the building offer a lightened but cool apartment. The open architecture with the huge windows compares to a modern renovated loft.
  • 3 sleeping rooms
  •  1 kitchen/living room
  •  1 bathroom
  •  1 toilet
  •  several aircos
  •  high speed internet
  •  UTS connection
  •  TDS connection
  •  video intercom
  •  alarm

5/The apartment offers 1-2 sleeping rooms (or 1 sleeping room 1 working area) and comes fully furnished. It is well equipped for 4 persons. The kitchen consits of an electric stove, a huge fridge, a double sink, electric dish washer and common needed utilities. The table suits 6 Persons comfortably.

The bathroom has a bath tube, a shower, a double sink, and a toilet. The apartment has UTS connection, TDS connection, high speed internet, video intercom and alarm system.
Over the Ocean

  • ocean front
  •  ocean breeze
  •  terasse over the ocean
  • 1 or 2 bedrooms
  •  modern kitchen
  •  shower and bath tube
  •  aircos
  •  fully furnished
6/ This apartment is located on the first floor. It is a cosy 1 bedroom apartment with sideways seaview. This view to the sea ensures not only a good view, but also a nice breeze of the ocean.

  •  side- oceanview
  •  good in the wind
  •  cool place
  •  1 bedroom
  •  1 living room
  •  1 kitchen
  •  1 bathroom
  •  1 toilet
  •  terasse

7/ The terrace of the Penthouse is huge, only the terrace has a surface of 110m2. The apartment offers 2 bedrooms and 2 living rooms (or 3 bedrooms and 1 living room). The Penthouse is on the top floor of the Residence, facing directly the sea. The view is unbelievable. It is a "must see". Nearly 360 degree around. On the top. Cool in the wind, still quiet and calm, unbelievable beautiful!

 The apartment is absolutely ocean front! You overlook the ocean from the sea aquarium to the the main dock of the cruise ships, passing by at night lightening as a christmas tree. You live downtown in the beloved area of Pietermaai, but on this location free of noise from the town. Enjoy the daily sundowner, cool and breezy. See cristal clear water, live ocean, all from your apartment.

The apartment has been recently renovated and comes totally furnished. Modern kitchen, sleeping rooms, living room, video intercom, alarm, UTS connection, high speed internet, Pay TV connection, TDS connection. Aircos is each sleeping room, one in the kitchen, and one in the living room.

The bathroom has a bath tube, a shower, a double sink, a toilet and a washing mashine. There is also a second toilet.
  • 360 degree view
  •  perfect in the wind
  •  110m2 terrace
  •  up to 3 sleeping rooms
  •  modern kitchen
  •  very spacious
  •  cozy living room
  •  shower and bath tube
  •  2 toilets
  •  video intercom
  •  high speed internet
  •  alarm
  •  TDS connection
  •  UTS connection
  •  many aircos
  •  quiet place



  • 7 seperate units with own entrance in the same building
  • 17 rooms
  • 8 bathrooms
  • 2 outside oceanfront terraces
  • 1 rooftop terrace
  • 2 parkingplaces offstreet

Nafl. 2.900.000,- k.k.  /  U$ 1.610.000,- b.c.  


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